Saturday, June 25, 2005

no strings attached.... unless you count the laces

My normally very boring schedule of social activities has just become very busy. I don't know how I'm gonna jam it all in.

Today, my neighbor and friend Dr. Awesome is having a big birthday cookout and rock and roll party. I've gotta work until 11:00, but I promised I would stop by afterwards for a beer or three. There should still be plenty of people there. In fact, there'll probably be some people there who I used to work with but haven't seen since I was fired. That'll be fun. Actually, I stopped by there last night, and he was completely hammered. So drunk and high that he told me the same story three times in the span of a 45 minute visit. And the thing is, it was a story I already knew. Still, though, I humored him every time.

Tomorrow is when it gets kinda hairy. Karen called me to invite me to her birthday party, which will be going on during the afternoon. Starting around 3, she said. That's the exact time that there's something in town I feel really obligated to do. In the City Barstool Softball League, my current employer is going against my former employer. I wanna go to the game and root against my former employer. They said they may actually need me to play for my new team. That'll be even more fun. So there's that. Immediately following is a send-off party for our chef. He's leaving the industry and we're throwing him a big surprise party. I've known him for years before I started working there, so I really need to go to that as well. I'm hoping I can still make it to Durham for Karen's thing. I'll have all day Monday to recover from however much drinking I do.

Next week, I'm still undecided about this damned Sleater-Kinney show. They're playing in Winston-Salem, which means I'll have to muster the energy to drive out there. Lately I haven't had the energy to drive around the block, and I've used Wednesday as a sort of day off. I work lunch, and I have the whole evening to do absolutely nothing. I've used it as movie night, or as the "go to bed early" night. Three years ago, there would be no question. I would have crawled across broken glass to see Sleater-Kinney. But I haven't listened to them in a while, and I didn't even pay any attention to their last two records. Still, though, I know it would be fun. Any opportunity to see a phenomenal drummer like Janet Weiss should warrant some consideration. Should I go?

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Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed the Fish?


Reid said...


Is it at Ziggy's? If so, definitely go. I know that Ziggy's can be a really cheesy place, but I saw some mind-blowing shows there. There's just something about the wood decks and the low stage that makes anything punk rock seem even more punk rock. Do it if it's there. If it's somewhere else...flip a coin.

doug said...

Roots, Rock, Reggae Doood.

d-lee said...

Doug, you've made an excellent point.

Reid, the show is indeed at the Ziggy's. They booked it there, then moved it to the Millenum Center, whatever that is, then moved it back to Ziggy's.

I liked it when I saw Fugazi there, and I liked it when I saw Ben Folds. I would have preferred to have seen Flaming Lips at a different venue, but it was pretty cool anyway. Looper was bloody awful when I saw them there. It's a good venue, but not my favorite. However, they do have a more wheelchair-friendly environment than any club I've ever been to. Too bad I don't use a wheelchair.