Monday, June 27, 2005

sewing circles are not solely based in trades of cloth

Yesterday didn't quite turn out the way I thought it might.

Starting with the softball game. I got there exactly as the game was starting, so there was no room for me in the lineup. I was okay with watching, though. And drinking. We lost to my former employer 16-7. I wasn't there to see it, but apparently there was a very touching moment in the team huddle when my new co-workers dedicated the game to me. I guess it didn't do much because they didn't win it for me.
Afterwards back to the restaurant for our chef's going away party. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I think he caught wind of it, because he was really reluctant to go. So it took him a good long while to show up. An hour after he showed up, everyone had disbursed, and I'd had enough to drink. There was no way I was going to make it to Durham, so I took the pass on that. Karen's actual birthday isn't until Tuesday, so I didn't feel that bad about it. But I did call and promise to take her to lunch today. And I did. Lunch was fine, and I had a good time. She was going to dinner with some other friends, so I hit the road.

The drive home sucked. Almost the entire time, the Devil was beating the everliving crap out of his wife. I can't stand that shit. I'd much rather go to a proctologist-dentist double-header than drive in those conditions. Oh well.

Tonight's my Six Feet Under and laundry night. I keep waiting for something cool to happen on the show, but it's been sorta blah so far. I guess I'll finally get around to watching "Coffee and Cigarettes", which means my rotation will be all screwed up again since I'll be sending three movies back at once.

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doug said...

yeah, I'm about to go watch 6ftunder, and come on! Something happen already! Have you been watching Entourage? Good stuff...kinda dramatic too. And that show with Phoebe kinda annoy the crap out of me...yet I still watch.

Susan said...

Dave, Tad and I had a Six Feet celeb encounter in New York this weekend. We saw Michael C. Hall and his wife walking down the street. It was awesome. I wish I had said something like "Keith's hot!", or "Don't trust that crazy Jan Brady as your surrogate!"

d-lee said...

oh. by the way, a happy belated birthday to susan and a happy premature birthday to doug