Friday, July 22, 2005

coz there's 40 different shades of black

Last night's Neglected Record was Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. I had an okay time with it. I didn't have to delay or anything like that. I was able to get right down to business, and was able to give it a pretty thorough listen, then another one for good measure.
Crooked Rain ... is sort of a strange record. "Side A" is mostly ROCO songs, while "Side B" is comprised mostly of slower tempo, moody songs. It's hard to pick a favorite song from the album, but it's easy to pick one that I'd just as soon do without. I don't have a whole lot of use for the jazzy "5-4=Unity", which is allegedly a Dave Brubek tribute. I guess I can hear it, but it's a little trippy, like maybe if the Doors did a cover of "Take 5". I mean, it's all good and well, but it seems like it doesn't belong. Especially when juxtaposed against "side A" rockers like "Unfair", "Silence Kit", "Elevate Me Later" and their smash single "Cut Your Hair". I had forgotten that on "Silence Kit", they do their best imitation of The Cure by having over a minute of music before the vocals kick in. And on "Unfair" (which my be my favorite if I had to choose), they do their best imitation of Butterglory. Of course Pavement doesn't sound a think like the Cure. Just that the vocals didn't even begin until the song was half over. I don't know when the last time I listened to this record was, but I would venture to guess that it was two years. Surprisingly, though, I could still remember most of the lyrics, including the bizarre "Range Life". Oh. Did I just refer to a Pavement song as "strange" is if the rest of them are "normal"? I don't know what I meant by that.

Taking everything into account, I think I'll give Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain three out of a possible five saute pans. It was hard to give it a rating that low, but I had to do it.

For like the seven thousandth day in a row, temperatures are expected to be in the low-mid nineties with a 60% chance of thundershowers. We're getting the heat, and the humidity and the overcast (even threatening) skies, but we haven't gotten much of the rain. When we do, it rains heavily for about five minutes, and we're done. The kind of rain where, instead of taking some of the edge off the humidity, it feels worse afterwards.

In other news, the NHL Players Association ratified the new Collective Bargaining Agreement yesterday. Nearly 90% of the players were in favor of it, which was more than I expected. Today, the League will put their rubber stamp on the contract, and the big even will be the draft lottery. Sometime around 4 pm EST, they'll start the process, which will be televised live in Canada on TSN. Here in the USA, ESPNews will broadcast live updates, but will not air the actual lottery., though, will be streaming the whole event. The clubs will have one week to do their homework for the actual draft. I won't be near a TV or a computer when the lottery goes down, so I'll have to rely on my cell phone's web browser. Ahhhh, technology!

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