Sunday, July 10, 2005

that looks like a carnival wig and two shiners

When I came home from work last night, I saw something that I didn't really want to see. One of my upstairs neighbors was clearly visible through her bedroom window. The light was on, blinds open. She was buck-ass naked. Now, as much as I appreciate the female form, that doesn't mean that I wanted to see her naked. I didn't stand there and observe, but as I approached the house from my car, I was kinda shocked. My knee-jerk reaction was of course "hey..... boobs!", followed by "what the hell?", followed by "yikes! I wish I hadn't seen that". I don't know what she was thinking parading around like that, but I really wish I didn't see that.

I got around to watching some more of those Twilight Zone episodes I had TiVo'ed.
Some of them were really good. Some of them, not so much. One of the "not so good" episodes was about a dude who has a radio that was receiving live broadcasts from 20 years in the past. Seems innocuous enough, but it looked like absolute hell. I guessed that it was filmed live or something like that. Kind of, but not really. It was one of a small handful of Twilight Zone episodes that was filmed on videotape rather than film. Video editing wasn't really possible in the early 60's so it had to be done in longer takes than it would on film. I guess they were experimenting with the new cheap way to film stuff. If the producers could go back in time, I'm sure they wouldn't use video. In the batch of good ones, there were two different episodes dealing with time travel which starred Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan's Island). Although their original air dates were a couple of years apart, they were aired back-to-back in the marathon. I thought that was a bit odd. The Professor was, for a short period of time, the coach of my fantasy baseball team. He didn't do so well.

Speaking of my fantasy baseball team, I'd like to take back all the dirty things I said about them. They pulled out another impressive victory last week, pulling us into a tie for last place. They actually deserve a little bit of praise.

It's about time to go watch Six Feet Under.

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Xtian said...

Right now, this instant, underneath all of my clothes, I am *totally* naked. Not that you really needed to know that...