Sunday, July 17, 2005

i run around in circles till i run out of breath

First off, I'd like to introduce my new blog Red and black hockey, which made its debut today. That'll be my release valve for my hockey rants. I'll still talk hockey here from time to time, but any post where hockey is the main focus will be over there.

Because I was too busy writing about hockey, I failed to mention that I had a movie night on Wednesday again. This week, I managed to squeeze in two movies: Slums of Beverly Hills, and Storytelling.

Slums was okay. There were some things that were really good about it. The blazingly hot Marisa Tomei was good (and naked twice!). The prolific Alan Arkin was also excellent. Kevin Corrigan turned in a quirky role, as is par for him. I liked it, but I didn't love it. It's a nice comedy, and fairly well acted for when you need to see something light.
I resisted seeing Storytelling for a long time because I was so disturbed by the Todd Solondz vehicle, Happiness. Although Storytelling certainly has some dark and even disturbing moments, it isn't anything at all like Happiness. The similarity between Storytelling, Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse is that all the characters have really fucked up values regarding sex and sexuality. Anyway, I liked Storytelling and I would recommend it, but only to people who I know well enough to understand their taste. Oh! And the soundtrack is by Belle and Sebastian.

I'm really excited about tonight. Tonight's the night that Mark Kozelek , formerly of Red House Painters fame, will be playing here in town. At the Gate City Noise. I can hardly wait. It should be a good time.

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