Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What's the news? you say 'the silver jews'

Alright, so here it is. If Hans (or anyone for that matter) hasn't seen the most recent episode of Six Feet Under yet, that's your problem, not mine. I should not be too concerned about the spoilers that follow:

Concerning "Narm!", I think Nate's dead. At first I thought he was having another one of his episodes from his AVM. He certainly wasn't siezuring prior to blacking out. Clearly, he's had a stroke, but I don't think he's passed out or anything like that. At first I thought he was just blacked out or something like that, but after talking with Amanda about it, we think he's dead. Amanda pointed to the way his eyes were set. Not rolled back in his head, just fixed straight ahead, and wide open. Added to that, he didn't appear to be breathing. Can the paramedics get there quickly enough to rescue him? Who knows. Okay... now we need to assume that he's dead in order to move along with what I'm gonna say.

Ruth doesn't want anything to do with the business (other than being an investor), Claire has no interest at all, so the Days of "Fisher and Diaz" are over. David and Rico can't do it alone, so they'll have to get another partner, or possibly sell the business. I really don't recall Kroehner going bankrupt or anything like that. When Kroehner decided to put a funeral home right across the street, there was the fire that Claire didn't set. And that weasel who was always hounding them got fired. Although we haven't seen Mitzi in a while, I really don't remember anything about bankruptcy. Am I just forgetting? As we approach the end of the season, and the series, that might be a tidy way to resolve that. One theory.... Rico takes over and hires that freaky Angela girl. Hey, she does really good work even if she is a freak. And as long as we're bringing up old shit, lets just say that the two of them are partners, and they hire Arthur full time. I don't really think that would happen, but it's just a thought.

Okay.... Now let's assume for half a second that Nate will be revived after some period of time. Maggie will probably be able to cover up their sex act and resultant absence from Meeting by skewing the timeline of events. She'll just say that Nate showed up to give her that ride, but suffered a stroke right then. Of course Brenda won't believe her because she never liked Maggie to begin with. She already assumes that something is going on between them. We all knew this (Nate and Maggie having sex) would eventually happen, and I think Brenda did too. However, Nate might tell the story differently and they'll blow their really thin cover. Brenda will be furious either way, actually. So if he survives, or is revived, or whatever, I think Brenda's gone. She'll take off. And here's where our jokes turn out to be real. She'll tell Billy about what happened, and he'll go into a rage (nobody fucks with his one true love and gets away with it). He'll kill everyone in the Fisher family. Except Claire.

Now, back to the "Narm" incident. Nate says, "You know, this wasn't planned", but it was. He showed up earlier than she was expecting. He did that hoping that they could hook up or something. She's equally guilty of premeditation, though. She kinda set that up neatly for him to be the one giving her a ride, and with the way she'd been flirting. And then, did you see the underwear she was wearing?!? You don't wear hooker panties like that unless you're planning on getting some. I may not know a lot about women, but that's common knowledge.

That's just my two cents. What do I know?

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playfulinnc said...

I disagree on one small point~it would be very Romeo and Juliet for him to kill Claire as well. Maybe set fire to the house with everyone in it, save claire, and then kidnap her to take her to some terrible place where she eventually meets her maker.

Scott said...

Near the end of season two (second to last episode?) they find out that Kroehner went bankrupt and was going through a reorganization. In the next episode, they find out Mitzi gave them one final f.u. by sicking an inspector on them. The resulting fine forces them to allow Rico to buy in as partner. I guess it's possible they could bring Kroehner back into the picture (seems like they've been repeating a lot of story lines this season), but it would be pretty lame.

I still think Nate had an AVM-related incident. I don't think he's dead, just paralyzed. It will wind up serving as their excuse for missing the Quaker meeting, like you said...just long enough so that Brenda won't find out until a much more dramatic moment (like while she's in labor). I expect Brenda to be out of the picture by the end of the season. Hate to say it, but I don't think her kid's going to survive. Nate's going to wind up with Maggie, after George conveniently dies and stops bothering everyone.

Then again, if Nate dies and Brenda leaves, David and Keith could give back their foster hoodlums and raise Maya.

Still not buying the whole "Billy's gonna blow everyone up at the end." Not yet, anyway.

d-lee said...

Scott, thanks for refreshing my memory.

Susan..... I'm waiting.

Susan said...

Nate could be dead. But I think it is more likely that he is severely impaired by a stroke and Brenda will face a euthanasia dilemma. Wouldn't it just seem to fit given how anxious Nate has been about possibly bringing a disabled or challenged child into the world?

Remember how in the first episode of season 3 we saw all those different scenarios following Nate's AVM surgery? One with him and Brenda and a toddler, one where David is teaching him to speak again, one of White Trash Nate? The image of David teaching Nate to speak again with flash cards keeps popping in my head.

I think the last we'll see of Maggie the sappy ferret will be next week. She'll try to reach out to Brenda and try to impart some her spiritual wisdom/nuturing, but we know Brenda will be having none of that. Brenda will rip her a new one and she'll leave town. There was so much guilt radiating off her post-narming that I don't think she'll stick around.

I think it is likely that we'll see the funeral home securely passed down to the Diaz clan. Perhaps Rico and Vanessa will somehow come up with the money to buy out Nate's share (maybe even David's too?).

There were A LOT of parallels this episode to Episode One when Late Nate was hit by the bus. The same day Late Nate got killed, Nate was doing it with Brenda in the airport closet. The same day Nate collapsed, Claire was getting it on with Ted the Lawyer in the office supply closet. There were others, but I can't remember right now. Suffice to say, the series seems to be coming full circle for me.

And can I just say a word about the way the show has portrayed Quaker services? Why are the meeting like every other day and at night? Makes Quaker meeting look like AA or something.

d-lee said...

Thanks, Susan.

That's interesting about the possiblity of Nate being in a vegetative state. That would force Brenda to make a tough decision.

Interesting about that parallel with episode one. I hadn't thought of that. But, hey. Someone gets it on in a closet or bathroom almost every week. Actually, it's usually David, but everyone else has, too.

I agree about passing the home on to Rico, but I don't see Vanessa in Rico's future. Not the way things have been going. I don't think too much about that touching little moment they had when she agreed to go out to dinner. She still hates him and he needs to move on.

I agree that we probably won't see Maggie or George anymore after next week. We may have already seen the last of George. For some reason, I'm thinking that we're going to see Lisa next week. They sort of re-introduced her this week when Nate kept talking about "green funerals" and "why don't you just wrap me in a shroud and bury me next to a tree". That wasn't Nate talking, that was Lisa. That's exactly how he buried her, isn't it?
So anyway, if Nate isn't actually dead, I think we'll see Lisa much the same way that we used to see Nathaniel.

I was also a little confused about the director's treatment of the Quaker Meeting. I don't think he did very much homework about that. Any Meeting house that's associated with the Society of Friends would meet on Sunday, and in the morning. This was just lazy writing, and bad research. They really should have just written it as a "support group" or something else. There had to have been another way they could have written that.

doug said...

I like the vegetative state thing too for Nate - but if he dies, he could come back as a ghost and haunt everyone too with loud complaints about everything.

And I still think Billy is going to kill everyone...

And Brenda is gonna split and leave Maya with Keith and David - giving them the flesh and blood that Keith wanted (sorta)...and actually, I think they all might live happily ever after - until Billy kills them all - with Claire's other old artsy boyfriend.

And Rico is gonna end up with the funeral home and sponser a little league team with a nice Mexican woman - until Billy kills everyone.

Scott said...

Nate was having sex in a closet when Late Nate was killed, then took his place in the business.

Claire was making out in a closet when Nate had his attack....does that mean Claire is going to join the business in place of Nate?

I don't see Vanessa in Rico's future either. Also, the funeral home seems to be over its past money problems (they're even looking to invest more money in it) so I don't know what would cause David to leave it.

And Ruth's gonna get mauled by a bear on a camping trip with the St. Elsewhere guy.

H said...

If Nate's dead, there's going to be a struggle over whether to cremate him or wrap him in a shroud and bury him next to a tree.

I used to go to Atlanta Friends Meeting services on Sunday mornings, but they always mentioned the fact that there were Wednesday and Thursday night services at the Friends Committee offices downtown. Not many Quakers in Atlanta, but maybe there are more in L.A. and therefore more services.

I often wear hooker panties regardless of whether or not I think I'm going to get some.