Thursday, July 28, 2005

last night i walked into your room by mistake

Yesterday was the third consecutive day with temperatures right at the 100° mark. Surprisingly, my apartment hasn't been unbearable. It's actually been right comfortable. However I was kinda sweating it out late last night, but it wasn't that bad. Eventually there was a little bit of rain, which helped a lot.
I haven't been very physically active in a while, but a few years ago, I would have been out on my mountain bike every day during the summer. Oh sure, it's all shady back in the woods and whatnot. So it was maybe 98.5° instead of 100. Either way, though, I often think about how crazy that is to do stuff like that in this kind of heat. I mean I was always with plenty of hydration, but if you ask me today, I wouldn't even consider riding in this kind of heat.
Actually, today is a damn frigid day comparatively. I think the high is "only" supposed to be 89°. It's supposed to thunderstorm later tonight, which means I may have a very slow night at work. That'll give me plenty of time to focus on the Neglected Record.

Head on over to Red and Black hockey for a couple of new posts. The 2005-06 schedule was announced yesterday, and I've got one post about some irregularities in the Hurricanes schedule. There's another post explaining why the St. Louis Blues can be added to the "ON CRACK" list.

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doug said...

I know it's crazy, but I actually kinda like riding in the heat and humidity - last sunday, on one of our sweltering heat advisory days I decided to go ride the roads at this park in town - it's pretty shady, which is why I chose it, and I rode before noon, but it was still a bit hot - but all in all, with enough water - it wasn't all that bad...not for a long ride, but a short jaunt. Anyway, my point is, it was nice to get outside in the heat (but shade) instead of cooped inside with the A/C as I had been all weekend.