Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i decided to have a bed-in, but i forgot to invite everyone

I hope everyone had a good four-day weekend. I hope that you had more fun than I did. I wasn't able to make any plans, and there was so much rain and whatnot that I didn't go up to the ballgame. I did absolutely nothing. Just Six Feet Under and a movie. If you happen to be Canadian, then disregard all the happy horseshit about July 4. I'll get to you later in this post.
While I'm not surprised, I am annoyed that Rico fucked everything up. Again. I'm disliking Ruth more and more every week, and suddenly I don't mind George. I hated the shit out of him when he first came on. Actually, it started with that formica incident with Arthur. After that, it grew from distrust into hate. Then when they told us he was loony tunes, I felt bad for hating a crazy person. Now I'm actually starting to like him. Too bad Billy's going to murder everyone.

The movie last night was Spun. I don't really know what to say about this. Drugs, drugs drugs. It's about some crystal meth heads. There's some good actors (Jason Schwartzman, Patrick Fugit, Mickey Rourke, Peter Stormare), but I can't say that it's a "good" movie. There's also lots of music by Billy Corgan and there's a few scenes with the pathetic Deborah Harry. Those two things weren't enough to save this movie. Parts of it were funny, but the other 92% of it made me feel so uneasy that I couldn't like it. Contrarily, Requiem for a Dream made me really uneasy, but I liked it a lot. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the filmmakers. The dude who directed Spun has never done anything longer than four minutes before, and the writers have never written anything. Requiem, on the other hand was written by the brilliant Hubert Selby, Jr , and had great direction from Darren Aronofsky. To be honest, I don't know what made me decide to get Spun, but it didn't really suit my tastes.

The other day, I had another movie night. I watched Human Nature, which I thought was pretty good. A weird story, but good. I think I ordered it when I also ordered Danny Deckchair (Netflix recommended it because it has the same leading actors). Either I never noticed in the first place, or I forgot that it's directed by Michel Gondry. I immediately remembered, though, when I noted that it had the look of a Björk video. I mean, it looks exactly like a Björk video. Specifically "Human Behavior" and "Bachelorette". The way the greens and blues are so vibrant, those two videos and this movie look like a storybook. And that's the point. I liked "Human Nature". It's fun and entertaining. Aside from looking great, it's written by Charlie Kauffman, so you know you're going to get something good there. Check it out.

Okay. Now for you Canadians. What the F?!?!? You guys are supposed to be so much better. So much more civilized, with a much better political system and all this shit, but then I read about your notorious sex killer being released from prison . Okay. It's really disturbing that there's such a thing as a person who would torture, then rape, then kill some teenage girls. More disturbing that a woman would play a key role. A thousand fold more disturbing that one of the victims was her own sister. This is not a person who should be roaming the streets. Somehow, the Courts have determined that 12 years in prison is punishment enough for her actions. I don't think so. Whether it's incarceration, death or confinement to a mental institution, this woman really needs to be somewhere. Yeah, she spent 12 years in a jail, and yeah she cooperated with the authorities, but that's absurd. I don't get what would make a person do that, and I really don't get the "light" punishment.

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