Tuesday, July 12, 2005

shiny shiny pants and bleached blond hair

I finally caught some coverage of the Tour de France last night. Of course yesterday was a rest day, so there wasn't really anything for them to cover, but they showed highlights and talked a lot and stuff like that. I don't have a high-def TV, so I don't get Discovery HD, but OLN and plain old garden variety Discovery Channel each had shows last night.
I've also been catching up on some reading about the Tour. In the articles about the first mountain stage last Saturday, in which all of Lance Armstrong's Discovery Channel team gave up, there were two excellent quotes.
First was by a Frenchman riding for team Credit Agricole who wished to emphasize that it was a minor lapse and nobody should count team Discovery Channel out.

"Don't sell the bear's skin before you've killed the bear," Moreau said.


"That won't happen again," U.S. rider Bobby Julich of Team CSC said. "You can maybe disappoint Lance once, but it's better not to disappoint him twice."

What? Are we talking about a mafia boss, or a professional cyclist?

I've spent a good deal of time visiting the website of OLN , which has some excellent high-quality video from every stage of the Tour so far. Check it out.

All this talk, and watching all these highlights of the Tour de France has got me thinking of French things. So I'll be listening to French bands for a while. I'm actually cheating a bit right now, as it might be a stretch to call Ivy French. Although they're based in New York, their frontwoman is native to France and sings in English with a heavy accent, so that counts in my book. Look for more stuff that's a little more "French" later this and next week.

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doug said...

6 wins in a row - the dude might as well be a mob boss. (though, I don't agree with the "greatest cyclist ever" idea - he would have to win the amount of spring classics and other stage races to prove that - like Eddie Mercks (sp?) did) - he might be the greatest athlete ever though - as far as pure athleticism. Anyway, the good stuff starts today - I haven't seen coverage yet, I DVR'd the hell out of it though.

d-lee said...

yeah. digital cable is tha bomb shizzy. i need to start dvr'ing the hell out of it.

is it normal to say "it's tha bomb shizzy" when indirectly referring to the Tour de France?