Friday, July 15, 2005

she's drunk every single day. she's young most of the time

An innocent girl
or a prodigal infant
has measureless worth

This haiku, written in Shakespearian magnetic poetry, had to come off my fridge. It lived there for a few years. It was "written" in the prime of my haiku phase, and I was always kinda proud of it, but it was time to go.
See, the magnetic poetry always seems like a good idea, but it was so much clutter. The other day, I took everything down. Started clean. I didn't realize until I took all of it down how much clutter it was. Really, though, I wanted to make room for my Scrabble magnets. I bought a shitpot of Scrabble tiles from Ebay and used three complete sets to make (refrigerator) magnets. I gave one complete set away, and I'm using one set for myself. I think they look great, and it was fun and easy to make them.

Work was strange tonight. Dinner proper wasn't that busy, but the late night was kinda crazy. I didn't dick around at all. I still had time to playBring a Neglected Record to Work Night©. Actually, there were two records tonight. Why? Bastille Day, of course!!! Bastille Day is the French National holiday marking the date in 1789 when French citizens stormed the Bastille prison which began their revolution against monarchy. I figure no better way to honor the French than by doing something to excess. So I doubled up on BNRWN and made sure to make one of the records French.
First off was the self-titled Turn On. Turn on was a Stereolab side project. Really just Lætitia and Tim. So there's a lot of Stereolab-like qualities. The heavy reliance on keyboards and synthesizers, the repetition of sonic themes, etc. Conspicuously absent, though, is some of the stuff that I adore about Stereolab. The vibraphone, the guitars and the vocals are all missing. So you don't get the cacophony that Stereolab gives you. I was, quite frankly, bored with this record. I'll have to give it one saute pan out of a possible five.
I was so disappointed with that, I dug out one of my "back-up neglected records". So I played Blondertongue Audiobaton by The Swirlies. Holy fucking shitballs!!!! I wanted to provide you, my dear readers, with a quality mp3 from the Swirlies, but my copy of the cd is just enough fucked up that the cdrom drive won't read it, so I can't. Since I can't do that, you're gonna have to dust off your copy of that record. I know for a fact that some of you have that record. If you don't, you should beg borrow or steal a copy immediately.
I stood there in awe of the song "Pancake", listening to it again and again. I don't understand what happened with this band. The time (early '90s) was right and the sound (washed-out wall of sound comparable to My Bloody Valentine, but much sweeter) was right, but for some reason this band flew in under the radar. They really should have been fucking enormous (at least in indie circles), but they were just another one of the really fantastic and really underappreciated bands of that shoe-gazer era. I don't get it. Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this record for the first time in over a year. I mean, I'm really excited. I'm hesitant to issue a perfect 5 saute pans, as the album isn't quite perfect. There are a very few moments I could take or leave, but "Pancake" is so bloody brilliant I can hardly stand it. I'll give it 4 and a half out of a possible 5 saute pans.

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My Bloody Valentine -- Isn't Anything
My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything

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Xtian said...

I know I had that Swirlies record at one point in time. If it's still sitting on the shelves, I'll dust it off this weekend in your honor. If not, well, I dunno what I'll do. But something...I'll do *something*...